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Join Our Local Co-working Space In Neukölln

What We Offer

Fixed Desk - 160€ / month

Classic co-working style. We provide you with a big desk, office chair and your own key so you can work whenever you want.

Studio - 250€ / month

Do you need more space? We have a limited amount of workspace dedicated to artists whos work doesn't fit a desk. Approximately 10 m2 in our open plan co-working space is all yours.

Coming Soon! Photography Darkroom

We are building a room for analogue photo development! Write us a mail if you would like to keep up to date about when it will be ready. Rental will be on a day to day basis.

Who We Are

Currently we are 10 co-workers at Officina, professionals and hobbyists in the fields of design, illustration, art, research, architecture, film and animation. We like to share and exchange, host lectures and other events and your ideas are always very welcome. Follow our Facebook page to be notified about future events.   

Contact Us

Send us a mail if you have questions or if you would like to try out
Officina for a day. We will get back to you as soon as possible.